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The hardest part of creating the Cyclosys was deciding how much 'gravel' and how much 'trail' to mix in to its capabilities. Make it too much of a gravel racer and it loses the confidence when the road narrows and the rocks get bigger, and of course if it is designed to excel on the roughest double track and single track it will become too sedate on the mellower surfaces. The Cyclosys is a culmination of many many variations over the years, as we have played the edges of what is capable enough without being dull. 

Tire clearance of 700x45 or 650x52 allows for some pretty capable tires to be installed and with these types of bikes, tires define the ride. The Cyclosys is optimized for tires 35-45mm. Change the tires, change the personality of the bike.

Really, at the heart of the Cyclosys is a love of adventure and a desire to enjoy every ride to its fullest. Perfectly tuned for hours and hours of dirt roads or jamming through your favorite single track.  Flip a set of 35mm full knobbies on it and hit the cyclocross race, the newest version of the Cyclosys cannot be defined as anything other than balanced.

Is the Cyclosys perfect for a local gravel ride / race? How about ripping the local single track that has become mundane on your full suspension mountain bike? Or you scored an entry and are heading to Kansa this year? We think so...


sm md lg xl 2x
horizontal tt
545 570 590 610 630
seat tube 460 490 520 550 580
74.5 73.5 73.5 73 73
head tube
125 150 175 200 230
71 71 71 71 71
bb drop
75 73 73 70 70
430 430 430 435 440
752 781 813 833 859
392 400 413 421 433
551 573 597 617 646
1032 1049 1070 1092 1118


  • Double-butted top tube, down tube
  • Artfully tapered chainstays with massive attachments at the bottom bracket for stiffness where it’s needed most. 
  • CNC tapered head tubes, custom length for each size, beautifully relieved for weight savings.
  • Custom made seat tube with dramatic shaping at BB junction for more stiffness near BB area.
  • Threaded T47 bottom bracket, internally relieved for weight savings. T47 shell provides a large area for the down tube, seat tube, and huge chainstays to be welded to for solid feel when hammering. 68mm shell 'external' bearing (or internal bearing with spacers.)
  • CNC custom dropouts utilizing forged derailleur hanger proven on all Turner Bikes since 2012
  • Internal cable routing, utilizing a multi-port cable guide system for mechanical or electric, 1x or 2x.
  • 3 bottle mounts on the seat tube and down tube, welded in so will never come loose
  • Lunch box bosses on the top tube, welded on so as not to loosen or corrode.
  • Matte polished for a maintenance-free finish, easy to touch up with a fine Scotch-Brite pad.
  • Etched graphics for long and carefree life.
  • Bolt-on head badge standard.
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout.
  • Bridgeless seat stays for more compliance. 
  • CNC machined ‘mud cutter’ chainstay bridges to help keep you moving on a rainy day, yet still provide more stiffness near BB where it’s needed most. 
  • Cane Creek 40 headset included N/C, Top bearing, 42mm x 45/45  Bottom bearing, 52mm 45/35 
  • 142x12 rear axle spec.
  • 27.2 seat post for more flex
  • T47x68mm BB shell
  • Derailleur clamp = 31.8 seat tube 
  • Headset bearings are fully integrated, 42mm top, 52mm bottom. 


Why offer a Guarantee?

Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner Bike. But given the chance that it just doesn’t seem to fit right, we want to ensure that you will be happy in the long run.

Our customer service rocks and our bikes ride like no other, but in the end, the choice is yours and we will stand behind that choice. If you cannot get comfortable on your new Turner Bike within 5 days of receiving it, give us a call and we will work out a solution, either a different size frame or even a different model.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Gregory
Cyclosys Ti Perfection

David Turner has really nailed it with this frame design. The fabrication and welding details are truly gorgeous and the geometry is Goldilocks ideal. The head angle is just a touch slacker than many other gravel bikes on the market, with a reasonably low BB height, short chainstay, and sensible reach/stack dimensions. Combine those traits with ample tire clearance, and this bike comes alive on chunky gravel and singletrack, but still feels sprightly on tame gravel and road. And who doesn't love the silky feel of riding Ti? This frame will last a lifetime. I built up my bike with the help of Mythic Bike Works in Peace Dale, RI: Rival AXS shifter/brakes. X01 derailleur. GX 10-50 cassette. Praxis carbon crankarms. Nox wheels. Gravel King SK 43mm tires (there's room to go bigger). And other bits and bobs, with a few niblits of red anodize bling from Absolute Black and Wolf Tooth. Get one!

Kris W.
Cylosys Ti - A Mountain Biker's Gravel Bike

I've been riding bikes on & (mostly) offroad in western MA for most of my life. We have fantastic terrain including tight flowy singletrack, scenic back roads, amazing dirt roads & a whole mess of mostly forgotten Jeep roads. My riding focus over the past 15 or so years has been primarily mtb & long rides are my favorite. Unfortunately, my body no longer likes the punishment of 4, 5, or 6 hour rides in the woods. I needed a bike I could be comfortable on all day & could handle everything from smooth asphalt to smooth singletrack. Enter the Turner Cyclosys Ti. When the frame arrived I was struck by the build quality, this thing is gorgeous! The welds & finish are flawless & have you seen those seatstays?! I built up the frame with a GRX 2x groupset & threw on a 70mm dropper to get low on the steeper downs I encounter on some of my local trails. I've done a number of rides over the past month since I got it built & it's everything I could've hoped for. The ride quality is super comfortable & well damped for a non suspended bike. One of my favorite past bikes was as steel framed single speed that featured Tange Prestige tubing. The ride quality was plush but that thing was a noodle when hammering. Not so with the Cyclosys! The first time I jumped out of the saddle to mash up a hill, I was amazed at the stiffness & efficiency I was feeling. None of my energy was wasted in frame flex, it all went to the rear wheel & I found myself shifting to a harder gear much sooner than expected. I couldn't be happier with this frame & the build I chose. DT was amazingly responsive & made it clear that he'd help out with any issues or help he could offer. If you're a mountain biker looking for an all road & more trail than one might think frameset, give the Cyclosys Ti a serious look, you'll be glad you did.

Jan Dreyer
Turner Cyclosys Ti

Living in western MA, my cycling group rides mountain bikes in the fall, winter and spring, changing over to road in the summer months. Over the past 5 years, the road has become gravel. As mountain bikers, our typical gravel rides will include as much mellow single track as we can find. My first gravel bike was closer to a road bike with clearance for bigger tires. For my new gravel bike, I wanted a bike that was a jack of all trails and that struck a good balance between the single track and the road. The Cyclosys Ti meets my needs perfectly. I love the ride of Ti and the bike has a great blend of compliance and responsiveness. The frame is stiff enough that it climbs really well but is still comfortable. The bike is very composed on single track and is an absolute blast to ride on flowing, twisty trails. I had high expectations from Turner's reputation for making great riding bikes and my expectations have been met fully and surpassed. This was the first time I had assembled a bike from scratch and with all the advice I got from Dave Turner, it made my project an absolute pleasure.

Stephen Turner
Ti Cyclosys is a winner

My Cyclosys is number 12 and this is my fourth Turner bike (no, I’m not related to Dave). I own aluminum and carbon bikes (and other brands) but never previously bought titanium. Researching for a Gravel bike, I compared numerous manufacturers. Fortunately, Dave brought out his new model just before I purchased another brand…I am so glad. The Cyclosys is just quality, quality, quality. My engineer buddy marveled at the stacked dimes and precision construction. It really is a beauty, tubes sweep elegantly, all internal cable routing (some brands can’t handle full internal routing e.g. to the rear mech, but Turner can). My biking friends gloat and my neighbors constantly offer compliments - more so than my other bikes. GRX2x11 was my preference with Ritchey touch points and Hunt wheels. I would need to test another Ti bike to make accurate ride comparisons, but like my previous Turners, this large fitted me so ‘right’. Floats over bumps, springs up hills (unlike my legs), and changes direction without the need for thought. It’s simply superb. Roll-on summer’s post-Covid gravel races.