One-Piece dw-link Complete Kit (2009+)


The one-piece dw-link XC complete rebuild kit includes:

  • 1 one-piece dw-link, Forged, anodized black aluminum
  • 2 dw-link Pivot Shafts, Precision ground, Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • 4 dw-link Main Pivot Bushings, kevlar impregnated polymer
  • 4 dw-link Main Pivot Seals
  • 2 8mm Grade 5 Titanium bolts w/ washers
  • 1 Main Pivot Shaft, Precision ground and Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • 2 Main Pivot Bushings, kevlar impregnated polymer
  • 2 Main Pivot Seals
  • 2 8mm x 20mm T40 Flat Head Bolts, Zinc Coated Steel
  • 2 Rocker Pivot Shafts, Precision ground, Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • 4 Rocker Tip Pivot Bushings, kevlar impregnated polymer
  • 4 Rocker Tip Pivot Seals
  • 2 M8 'rocket nuts', precision machined from Grade 5 Titanium
  • 2 6mm x 12mm Cap Screw, bright dipped high strength Steel
  • 1 5x12 Button Head Bolt, Stainless Steel
This Kit applies to the following dw-link models (Year 2009+)
  • Flux 26
  • 5 Spot 26
  • Flux 27.5 (alu)
  • Burner 27.5
  • Sultan 29

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Josh Horeck
Legendary customer service!

Everything fit exactly as it should, and was pretty simple to install. Turner bikes are amazing! I kind of look forward to times I need to get something from the folks at Turner, just to experience the customer service. I've only gotten to do it a few times, but whenever something needs a repair, they've got the parts and are fantastic to work with. My Flux is getting older, but I still get to ride it now and then. All three of my kids have started on it and raced it on our high school MTB team. It's my 14 year old's go to bike out of everything in the garage.

Objective feedback and quick solution

David gave swift and objective answers to my concerns and the ordered replacement parts arrived within a couple of days to Europe! Which helped me to get back to the trails in no time!

Brandon Soule
Turner Bikes Rule!

They very fact that Turner Bikes still has repair parts for a 2010 5 Spot speaks volumes about their pride in their brand, quality, engineering and customer focus! The 5 Spot 26” is still a fast, reliable, and fun trail carving machine! My 5 Spot has served me well on the best technical rides in the Rockies, the gravity defying descents and rollers of Moab and never ending flow trails of the Oregon Cascades and Columbia Gorge. Sure it’s old school, but nothing provides a more confidence inspiring ride like it today, and for me? That’s makes me even more proud to be a customer!

Jeff Wuerthele
Tina Turner

Now that I have invested in a One-Piece dw-link Complete Kit and its' installation, my trusty Tina (Turner) is back on stage as strong and agile as ever. Thanks for the great service in filling the order and having it in stock.

Mark Erickson
My 2011 Sultan

After 12 seasons my Turner Sultan (now set up as a 27.5+) needed to have the DW-Link bushings replaced. Always a pleasure to do business with the Turner Team who supplied me with the kit with such ease. I hope they are still there in another 12 seasons.