dw-link 'Bushings and Seals' Rebuild Kit (2009+)

The Complete dw-link 'Bushings and Seals' rebuild kit includes:
  • 4 dw Main Pivot Seals
  • 4 dw Main Pivot Bushings
  • 4 Rocker Tip Seals
  • 4 Rocker Tip Bushings
  • 2 Main Pivot Seals
  • 2 Main Pivot Bushings
This Kit is for the following dw-link XC Models (model year 2009+):
  • Flux 26
  • 5-Spot 26
  • Flux alloy 27.5
  • Burner 27.5
  • Sultan 29
  • Czar V1

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Good Stuff, Maynard!

Figured that since we're the proud owners of late-model well-used & well-serviced Burners - and with no intention of shedding them - ever!!!..., figured it'd be smart to get a bushing set, while the gettin's good. One full set. They're all present & accounted for - along with the necessary seals. Delivered in a timely fashion, with a smile. Hopefully, our dilligent use of the grease 'zerks' (Buzzy's) will preclude our ever needing them. But realistically? Well - ya never know.

Greg Thibodeau
Bought dw Link bearing seals kit

Everything from ordering to receive to installing went perfect! Thanks TurnerBikes!

Ben King
great customer service

items shipped quickly and was received without incident. The bushings were easily replaced on my 2012 Burner but I realized I needed the entire DW Link replacement kit (not just bushings) which luckily was also available. Dave Turner stands behind his bikes and supports even 10 year old bikes (find me a mass produced manufacturer that does that!)

Michael Martin

Habe die Teile bestellt und die Lieferung funktionierte einwandfrei. Zum Einbauen bin ich noch nicht gekommen und kann deshalb die Teile selbst (noch) nicht bewerten

Randall Honcik

I bought two complete kits. In general, most of the bushings are the wrong size. Just noticed that one of the kits has 12 bushings and the other only has 8. Unless I am reading the description wrong, there should be 14 bushings?