2023 Scrub Ti Frame

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Scrub, a gnarly hardtail 

Longer, lower, slacker, the Scrub defines modern geometry. Built around 150-160mm travel heavy duty forks and massive rear brake compatibility, this bike will bring eye watering speeds to everyone.

The top tube has dropped to another level of low, offering more standover height than you ever thought possible on a mountain bike with 160mm fork. With the super low standover and unobstructed seat tube, the frame will take 280mm seat post insertion in a Regular size and 320mm in the Tall! 

When selecting the appropriate frame size for the SCRUB, riders have two options to choose from: 

The REGULAR (M/L)-sized SCRUB frame for the 5'6" to 5'11" rider.

Opting for the Regular size ensures a comfortable riding position and enables easy maneuvering across various terrains. For riders on the shorter end of the size range, the SCRUB will provide exceptional stability and instill a heightened sense of confidence at higher speeds. Conversely,  riders who fall "between sizes" and are closer to the maximum suggested height will find the Regular Scrub to be more agile and nimble compared to the Large size.

TALL SIZE (L/XL) -sized SCRUB frame is specific for riders from 5'10" to well over 6' tall. 

This size offers additional seat post support, while still providing great standover clearance.  For the taller riders, opting for the Tall size ensures a more comfortable and roomy experience, while a rider on the shorter end of the suggested size range will get the extra room many are seeking today. The enhanced stability and control provided by the Tall frame instill confidence when tackling high speed descents and technical sections of the trail. 

Rear rotor is 180mm standard and anything bigger will fit, frame reinforcement is as tasteful as it is effective. The tube spec is beefed up to handle the added loads from a big fork and fierce lines and there are gussets in the highest stress areas. With tire clearance to handle 29x2.5 or 27.5 x 2.8” DH class tires, lack of tire isn’t going to slow this down.

Reg Tall
rec'd height 5'6''-5'11'' 5'10''-6'?''
effective TT 602 635
reach 440 465
stack 648 670
seat tube length 400 430
seat tube angle actual 76° 76
head tube length 100 125
head tube angle 64.5 64.5
bb drop 55 55
chainstay 435 435
wheelbase 1215 1250
standover@mid toptube 775 805
Max post insertion 275 305
Fork length 560mm
(All specifications are subject to change)

Frame Specs

Seat Post Diameter 30.9mm
Headset Dimensions 44/56 semi integrated ZS
BB Shell T47 Threaded
Fork Length 150-160 (Geo based on 150 fork)
Post mount rear brake 180 minimum
Max Tire Clearance 29'' x 2.5'' or 27.5'' x 2.8'' With good clearance
Max Boost chainring size: 36t oval 38t round


Subtle shaping at the lower end of the Down Tube to the spread load over the BB shell for plenty of stiffness when smashing the pedals. Along with the custom tapered chainstays, these subtle features set the Turner Ti ahead of the pack when it comes to ride tuning.

Universal Derailleur Hanger and bolted rear wheel

Like every 2023 Turner Bike model, this frame has been designed around the Universal Derailleur Hanger.  And since this is 2023, no more funky levers or hidden wrenches to lose, the rear wheel is held on by a 7075 T-6 bolt. Bolts are stronger, stiffer, and simpler. Which is exactly why all our bikes come with them, it simply makes sense.



Every aspect of this Turner Ti frame is designed and engineered in the USA. From the gorgeous CNC tapered head tubes to the proprietary dropouts, we have designed every aspect of the frame.

As you probably figured out from the great price and long list of standard features, this frame is imported. What drew us to this factory was their ability to taper and create butted titanium tubing, and their massive CNC capabilities allowing us to create exactly what we wanted with out cookie cutter head tubes, bottom brackets and dropouts. Even our chainstay bridge is CNC out of billet to be super thin and not create a mud shelf! 

T47 BB

‘T’ stands for threaded! Due to popular demand threads are back, and the new T47 offers bigger bearings & longer service life than older threaded standards. It will easily fit the larger and 30mm aluminum spindle creating a stiffer crank assembly, which is up to 18% lighter than the traditional steel spindle system.


Why offer a Guarantee?

Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner Bike. But given the chance that it just doesn’t seem to fit right, we want to ensure that you will be happy in the long run.

Our customer service rocks and our bikes ride like no other, but in the end, we want it to fit you.  If you cannot get comfortable on your new Turner Bike within 5 days of receiving it, give us a call and we will work out a solution, you may only need a different stem, or length of seat post. If that won't work, a different size frame can be swapped out.

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