RFX V4.0 Bearing Kit

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The RFX V4.0 complete rebuild kit includes:
  • 2 Rocker Tip Bearings
  • 2 Seat Tube Bearings
  • 4 DW Link Bearings
This kit is only compatible with RFX V4.0 model.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Povlick
Great Transaction

The bearings are exact fit for the RFX, glad they are still available. The order was fulfilled in a timely manner and arrived shortly after ordering. Turner builds the B E S T bike frames.

Brian Ephraim
Just getting these to have back up.

Original bearings still fine. Very reliable bike!

Darrell Hingle
Fixed the creaking

It’s been about 2 years since the threaded inserts on the main pivot of my RFX broke loose and had to be repaired. I recently started having the same creaking noise and thought oh crap, not again. Well, the repair Dave told me to do was holding like a champ but all 4 sealed bearings were rusted and froze up. I got them moving again but we’re still rough. Ordered the new set and they arrived fast, easy swap out and back on the trail. One of the best things about Turner bikes in my opinion is how easy they are to repair and replace parts.