June 24, 2020

Optimized Rider Positioning: In the quest to create an agile 29er while retaining the stability that most 29r riders are seeking, we juggled bottom bracket height, chainstay length, head angle, ‘virtual’ top tube length, and wheelbase, which all have an impact on maneuverability. In order to achieve the geometry we wanted, the Czar utilizes a seat tube bent mid span, this creates a notably slacker Seat Post angle than a traditional Seat Tube angle.

What does this mean to the rider? This creates a distance between bar and seat (at full pedaling height) that is greater than the typical TT due to a Seat Post angle that is 3-4 degrees slacker than the Virtual Seat Tube angle. As is the norm, virtual top tube lengths are from HT center and stops at the seat post center when measured parallel to ground. Actual seat height is much higher than the top of the head tube and this bent seat tube ‘throwing’ the actual seat position rearward a bit more than the standard measurement.

For riders who want a bit more ‘stretch’ than even this slacker seat post angle’ will create, a longer stem becomes a viable solution. Why? The 51mm offset forks available for 29rs creates less steering ‘trail’ and allow for longer stems to be used without the heavy tiller feel of old. Stay with the sizing chart recommendations and after setting your seat height and fore/aft position, test ride it and if you are one of the racers needing more stretch, move up in stem length, the 51mm offset forks will keep the bike steering lightly.