Nitrous Ti Frame + FOX Factory 34/130 Fit 4 Fork

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Over the last several years of riding gravel, I have fully enjoyed the speed and the feeling of being really connected to the roads and trails, with nothing more than the air in my tires muting the impacts.  But as I pushed the limits of a gravel bike further and further, I realized there was no tire combination, no geometry, no drop bar shape that would create the control one gets on a mountain bike with flat bar.

That’s why the mountain bike was invented right?!

But for many of us, there is also a ton of riding that does not require a full suspension bike. So I decided to make a fast, lively feeling mountain bike with stable, modern geometry that utilizes a beautiful steering, short stem and install a wide bar. 

Voila, something far more capable feeling than any gravel bike when the going gets rough, and conversely far more nimble and responsive than a full suspension bike for powering along on the less demanding terrain that so many of us have easy access to.

The first part of designing the Nitrous was to make it inspiring to ride up the hill, almost urging you to new speed. With the low weight and balanced geometry, you will look at the steep sections of your favorite trails and know you can go further and faster than ever before.  To create that snappy feel I pulled the chainstays in nice and short. As always there is a balance to frame geometry aspects and the first couple protos were even shorter, but I really felt the bike should be more stable.  So the chainstay was stretched just a bit for some more stability on ungroomed trails. To maintain the awesome traction on the rear wheel, the seat tube angle was slackened a little.   

For me, the 'longer’ part of the longer, lower, slacker ditty means that you can now install a crisp steering, super short stem and still be in a focused, powerful position while climbing. This  ‘longer’ aspect to frame geometry also puts the front wheel further in front of your center of mass for more descending stability, and this is especially important when pushing the limits outside of the smoother flow trail networks.

Then there is 'lower', while not a super low bottom bracket, the Nitrous does have a very short (lower!)  seat tube allowing longer dropper posts. Whether you want the big drop for getting way over the back wheel in the rough or looking bitchen in the parking lot, this new school frame dimension allow the seat to be 'lower' than ever!

Ok, now we need to talk about the ‘slacker’ part of the ditty. To be sure the Nitrous is slacker than most hardtails ever built. But it is by no means the slackest, the race to create the most extreme numbers is over. What is important is that the head angle is properly designed for the type of riding most will do on the Nitrous. Not so slack as to cause wheel flop on the tight technical turns and more importantly, it is not so slack that one cannot weight the front wheel on flatter turns.

The results of all the testing and geometry tweaking was to give the stability we expect out of a modern bike, without losing the liveliness we crave from a high performance hardtail. 

So, is the Nitrous a fast XC bike or is it a stable ‘downcounty’ trail bike capable of zooming thru the woods ducking branches and carving up the spaces between the trees, or is it the perfect bike for Leadville type endurance races? I would say yes, it is. 


sm md lg xl
virtual tt 580
seat tube 370
seat-angle 75.5° 74.5° 74.5° 75°
head tube 85
head-angle 66.5° 66° 66° 66.5°
bb drop 57
62 60 55
bb shell T47 73mm T47 73mm T47 73mm T47 73mm
chainstay 420 435 440 430
reach 420
stack 605
wheelbase 1120
All specifications are subject to change, without notice.   Measurements are given in ‘Millimeters’ and ‘Grams’ unless otherwise noted. 

Frame Specs

Seat Post Diameter  30.9mm
Headset Dimensions 44/56 semi-integrated, zero-stack
BB Shell Threaded T47x73
Fork Length (Geo based on 530mmA-C ) 120-140
Flat mount 160 brake 180mm max
Max Tire Clearance

29'' x 2.6'' or 27.5'' x 2.8''


Subtle shaping at the lower end of the Down Tube to the spread load over the BB shell and a dramatically flared Seat Tube both increase lateral rigidity for better feel when smashing the pedals. Along with the custom tapered chainstays, these subtle features set the Turner Ti ahead of the pack when it comes to ride tuning.

12mm Bolted AXLE

Bolts are stronger, stiffer, and simpler. Which is exactly why all our bikes come with them, it simply makes sense.



Every aspect of this Turner Ti frame is designed and engineered in the USA. From the gorgeous CNC tapered head tubes to the proprietary dropouts, we have designed every aspect of the frame.

As you probably figured out from the great price and long list of standard features, this frame is imported. We found this factory when we were producing the carbon Flux frames years ago. Soon after we started developing the first Ti Cyclosys with them. Our frames are not the first or the only Ti bicycle frames they build, as they are a factory long known for building world-class titanium mountain and road frames. What drew us to this factory was their ability to taper and create butted titanium tubing, and their massive CNC capabilities allowing us to create exactly what we wanted with out cookie cutter head tubes, bottom brackets and dropouts. Even our chainstay bridge is CNC out of billet to be super thin and not create a mud shelf! 

T47 BB

‘T’ stands for threaded! Due to popular demand threads are back, and the new T47 offers bigger bearings & longer service life than older threaded standards. It will easily fit the larger and 30mm aluminum spindle creating a stiffer crank assembly, which is up to 18% lighter than the traditional steel spindle system.


As this is a cross country oriented  bike, it has the latest standard in XC mountain bike brake mounting, Flat Mount 160. Now all disc brake manufacturers offer the flat-mount caliper due to the lighter weight and sleek look of the new caliper.


Why offer a Guarantee?

Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner Bike. But given the chance that it just doesn’t seem to fit right, we want to ensure that you will be happy in the long run.

Our customer service rocks and our bikes ride like no other, but in the end, we want it to fit you.  If you cannot get comfortable on your new Turner Bike within 5 days of receiving it, give us a call and we will work out a solution, you may only need a different stem, or length of seat post. If that won't work, a different size frame can be swapped out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Byron Prestridge

Quick, responsive and uniquely stable at all speeds. My original purchase was for the complete bike but the global shortage on bike parts made that impossible. I’d like to especially thank David and crew for being flexible as my timeline nearly expired. I needed to get comfy on it and ultimately use the new bike for Leadville on August 14th.

In early August they graciously shipped what they had and I received most of the bike with the exception of drivetrain and brakes. I was able to source what I wanted- Shimano XT M8100 brakes, SRAM AXS drive.

After assembly, I did a few longish rides on home turf and was really impressed! The slack head angle and long top tube provided just what I hoped it would- the front end was just so responsive it felt like an extension of myself..point and shoot. It was like we had been friends forever! The back end tracked so nicely and provided a really comfortable seated position for extended time in the saddle. Oh and the titanium…just supple. So happy!!

Fast forward a few days and I’m in Colorado getting acclimated at altitude before venturing to Leadville at 10,200 feet. Enjoying my new bike on my favorite summer retreat trails where it’s great to go when the Texas heat drives you away. Technical climbs that I might have put a foot down on before I was able to clean. On steep, slow climbs the stability provided that bit of extra confidence to pick the right lines. Point that sucker downhill…who needs full suspension. Body position on the bike is perfect, you’re a part of it rather than a being on top of it. Throw it around and it’ll respond!

Final test for me and my new friend was epic! Leadville provides such a special vibe. I was so excited to use this bike, one that I will have for years to come. During, I had tons of PR’s on pavement and dirt descents alike. Again, to use the word stable would be redundant but that’s what it is. It was just a dream to ride and I have absolutely zero complaints! I used 3 of the 4 available boss mounts- 2 bottle cages inside the frame and a zip up bento bag on the top tube for fuel- it was the perfect spot to grab calories without stopping or getting off the bike. There’s a fourth set of bosses on the underside of the down tube that I did not use.

Overall race result- no records were broken and the mistakes I made were certainly not due to the bike (diet and pacing) but I was fortunate to finish with a second buckle and already thinking about number 3 with my now fully acquainted friend.

This bike, for me, is an extremely capable endurance hardtail. Throw slimmer tires for the longer fast races/ swap over to meatier tires and a dropper for harsher more technical trails. Since Leadville, I’ve swapped my rigid seat post for a dropper and that’s opened up more capabilities for descending.

Special mention on a few parts selected by Turner:
* OneUp carbon bar- holy crap, the perfect bar for longer rides. Wide, compliant and shapely- the flats near the stem are the perfect hand position when getting aero in a tuck.
* Reynold Black Label wheels- light, engaging, sexy and the front is WIDE! Note on the width: I was planning to run a 2.2” width tire for Leadville just to stay lean. Reynolds recommends at least a 2.3” tire up front because of the rim width. Sure enough, a 2.2” tire had the side knobs touching the ground a bit when the wheel was straight. The Maxxis 2.35” was a bit heavier but the right fit. All in all, a great wheel set.
* SID Ultimate- buttery smooth, stout and just works great on little and big hits. 120 mm travel was just about right and the integrated fender is cool!

Drop dead awesome bike and I highly recommend it! Thank you Turner Bikes, I'm a fan!!

Ryan Cobourn
A little bit of everything

I built this rig up to be a chunk of my quiver from singlespeed racing to multi-day bike packing trips so I went with the frame + fork option. So far it's been awesome! The geometry lends itself to climbing and descending with speed with the shorter chain stays and rocking a 120mm fork and 27.5+ wheels/tires while racing. The wheelbase is super stable when loaded up gear and there's ample room to mount any kind of gear you might need.

Things I particularly love about this bike:
The geometry is stable when loaded up and handles great when racing.
T47 BB is a great format and fits an eccentric BB for singlespeed.
Internal dropper post routing is a must.
Slack head angle and geometry built around a longer travel fork.
All the mounts, 3 bolt down tube, 2 bolt top tube, and two bottles inside the main triangle.

Turner was also awesome about answering all of my dumb questions and shipping me the frame only when there was a fork shortage. So far I am loving it!

Rene Perez
Keeps me in touch with the ground

I like to ride and not spend time writing. I do need to write this though. I have been riding for many years. My first nice bike was an Easton aluminum diamondback with a Judy Sl Fork back in 1995 or so. I ride for fun but also don’t let people just run me over, have a tiny competitive spark in me but always nice to my fellow riders.

I have been riding Ibis bikes with DW suspensions for quite a few years but needed a change of pace. Now, I still wanted the slack front angle to ride down hills relatively fast but wanted the hardtail feel that allows me to feel the terrain not just fly over it. I run in Vibram 5 finger shoes. This bike gives me that same feeling that I get while running with them and feeling the ground under me as well as experiencing the pebbles, hardness and softness of the terrain while keeping contact with the earth and getting its energy back.

I like the slack front, the short chain stay length and the seat angle that puts me over the rear wheel. It makes me feel alive. Yeah, there were some component shortages and some waits that were longer than I wanted but, in the end, I came out with a bike that makes my face grin whenever I’m riding it.

Paolo Bayotas
This is the bike for the rest of your life.

This is my first review on all my bikes I had in many years of riding.

It all started when I was in a market looking of hard tail MTB that I’m going to have “for the rest of my life”. I’ve always like DW-Link suspension bikes (not Turner though, sorry Dave) and still have 2 of them but when I came across the Nitrous Ti from Turner bikes website, I knew this is it.

I wanted to assemble it myself so I opted for the frame and fork option but since the pandemic hits, bike components are short supply so I ended up with just the frame. Riding your bike you build them yourself is joy beyond compare.

Fast forward. The moment I finished building I knew it rips. The not so slack front geo is perfect for my kind of riding. I love to climb technical trails and NJ trails are not short of those. It is an accurate representation of bike stability and power transfer. It climb so responsively it feels like you are on pedal-assist. I even ask my buddy to test drive it and he has the same reaction on how it climbs – like a goat possessed. The 66.8 degrees head angle I think is the perfect spot on a hardtail bike. When going down, it handles very quickly thru the trails and very responsive when turning corners. I like the short chainstay because it maximizes my traction of the rear when I am climbing out of my saddle. However, if you are looking for an Enduro–type HT, this is not for you, at least not for me in my opinion. I just want to ride up and down and smile. Besides the 2 bottle cage mounts inside the triangle, I like the idea of adding few more for bags and accessories at the bottom of downtube and the top tube mount. I attached my Garmin GPS to the top tube mount. Another modern addition is the T47 bottom bracket. This is very helpful if you want to use Single Speed setup using eccentric BB. The rear brake mounting uses flat mount and it is very modern design and practical if you are an XC rider to save some weight. However, my “old” rear brake caliper doesn’t fit on this frame so I ended up swapping them for the flat mount design.

Lastly, the superb craftmanship on this bike is so stunning. The lines are so clean, the stays and dropouts are just beautiful not to mention the internal cabling design which makes it clean and elegant. Thank you DT!

Nitrous - it's a laugh, it's gas

I've came to this bike from a steel hardtail running the same 120mm fork. The geo was similar to that of the Nitrous so I was confident I'd like it. So....this review is more about what sets the bike apart, rather than "i've not ridden a hardtail for years, it was a learning curve coming off full suspension, but now I think it's great blah blah blah".
The reach and head angle are spot on and it excels in rolling singletrack. It's stiffer around the bottom bracket and front triangle that my steel bike, so accelerates and turns in sharply. The headttube is short, and with a reasonably steep seat angle, the front stays glued down on techy climbs (your rear wheel with spit traction way before the front end lifts!). It also has a short seat-tube that allows me to use a 170mm dropper post...I truly believe this is a game changer on hardtail as you can use your legs in lieu of suspension and move your weight around more to make the most of rear wheel traction (or let it skrrrrt or slide out....). There is superb tyre clearance, despite the short chainstays - aided by the curve to the ST and the plate on the drive-side CS.
It's a proper fast singletrack bike. It's not a classic and whippy xc ti hardtail, although it could be raced that way I'm sure. I'm having more fun on it now I've put trail wheels and tyres, despite having been a diehard xc weightweenie most of my riding career!
The quality of the frame itself is great, welds and finish etc... also it came with various plugs for the cable ports (e.g. AXS vs mechanical), and foam tubing for the internal cable routes....that is attention to detail.
I'm really very happy with it - cheers Turner!