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A.R.Ti All Road 


The hardest part of creating the All Road Ti (ARTi) was deciding how much 'road' and how much 'gravel' to mix in to it's capabilities. Make it too much of a road bike and it loses the confidence when the road narrows and things get dirtier, and of course if it is designed to excel on the roughest double track and gravel roads it will become too sedate on the smoother surfaces. The ARTi is a culmination of many many drop bar variations over the years, as we have played the edges of what is capable enough without being dull. 

Tire clearance of 700x38 allows for some pretty capable tires to be installed and with these types of bikes, tires define the ride. The ARTi is optimized for tires 28-38mm. Change the tires, change the personality of the bike.

Really, at the heart of the ARTi is a love of adventure and a desire to enjoy every ride to its fullest. Perfectly tuned for hours and hours of dirt roads or jamming through your favorite back road.  

Is the ARTi perfect for road or gravel? How about ripping the local single track that has become mundane on your full suspension mountain bike?  Bottom line, the ARTi is a stable road bike, whether it's paved or dirt roads, it will allow you to go further more comfortably. 

Metric Size 52 54 56 58 60
rec'd height 5'3"-5'6'' 5'6''-5'10'' 5'10''-6'2'' 6'2''-6'6'' 6'4" <
effective TT 53 55 57 59 61
reach 381 389 396 410 417
stack 538 564 587 609 631
seat tube length 45 48 52 540 590
seat tube angle 74.5° 74.° 73.5° 73.5° 73
head tube length 120 145 170 195 220
head tube angle 71 72 72 72 72
bb drop 78 76 76 74 72
chainstay 420 420 425 425 430
standover@mid toptube
Fork length 385mm
(All specifications are subject to change)


  • Double-butted top tube and down tube
  • Artfully tapered chainstays with massive attachments at the bottom bracket for stiffness where it’s needed most. 
  • CNC tapered head tubes, custom length for each size, beautifully relieved for weight savings.
  • Custom made seat tube with dramatic shaping at BB junction for more stiffness near BB area.
  • Threaded T47 bottom bracket, internally relieved for weight savings. T47 shell provides a large area for the down tube, seat tube, and huge chainstays to be welded to for solid feel when hammering. 68mm shell 'external' bearing (or internal bearing with spacers.)
  • CNC custom dropouts for Universal Derailleur Hanger.
  • Internal cable routing, utilizing a multi-port cable guide system for mechanical or electric, 1x or 2x.
  • 2 bottle mounts on the seat tube and down tube, welded in so will never come loose
  • Matte polished for a maintenance-free finish, easy to touch up with a fine Scotch-Brite pad.
  • Etched graphics for long and carefree life.
  • Bolt-on head badge standard.
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout.
  • Bridgeless seat stays for more compliance. 
  • CNC machined ‘mud cutter’ chainstay bridge to help keep you moving on a rainy day, yet still provide more stiffness near BB where it’s needed most. 
  • Top bearing, 42mm x 45/45  Bottom bearing, 52mm 45/35 
  • Optimized for 385mm A-C fork length, like the ENVE All Road carbon fork. 
  • 142x12 rear axle spec.
  • 27.2 seat post for more flex
  • T47x68mm BB shell
  • Derailleur clamp and seat post clamp = 31.8mm diameter seat tube 
  • Headset bearings are fully integrated, 42mm top, 52mm bottom. 


Why offer a Guarantee?

Simply put, we know that you are going to love your new Turner Bike. But given the chance that it just doesn’t seem to fit right, we want to ensure that you will be happy in the long run.

Our customer service rocks and our bikes ride like no other, but in the end, we want it to fit you.  If you cannot get comfortable on your new Turner Bike within 5 days of receiving it, give us a call and we will work out a solution, you may only need a different stem, or length of seat post. If that won't work, a different size frame can be swapped out.

Customer Reviews

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bob dirt
fantastic balance

i was doing business in the area and had a few minutes to stop by and say hi at turner bikes. in the lobby was a proto of the arti. i instantly saw the beauty of the simple fuctional design and i placed an order on the spot. it took a few months to arrive like custom stuff does sometimes. the build has 2x11 grx, ridefastracing carbon wheels and 37mm riddler tires. this bike has a fantastic balance by being 95% of a top road bike and at the same time being able to charge off road better than an old school mountain bike. taking a pricy road bike in the dirt is not a good idea just like trying to keep up with the peleton on a 6” travel mountain bike. this bike has the ability to do well enough in both environments to put a smile on your face no matter what surface you happen to be riding on that day. on the bottom it has 31-34 for brisk climbing with 48-11 on top to push past 30 mph. the bike is incredibly versatile and really fun to ride when you string together dirt sections with road bits or ride road with dirt bits for scenery. as with all turners, the design and manufacturing are artwork. it takes a little extra time installing the internal cables but is well worth the effort to have a silent bike combined with the sleek appearance. the fact that the bike is made out of titanium in a carbon world adds uniqueness, cool factor and a very smooth ride. this is one of the most fun bikes that i ride! thanks david for the great bike! bob dirt

Guido Schulte
The Ultimate Ride

I’m loving this bike! I’ve been riding road and mountain bikes for the past 35 years. I ride this bike on Colorado paved roads with some gravel mixed in. When I received the frame and opened the box, I was immediately impressed by the quality and workmanship of the frame. It’s obvious that David Turner put a lot of thought and design work into this frame.

The ARTi is the most comfortable, smoothest riding bike I have ridden on the road. It soaks up the bumps, but it is also stiff and responsive when climbing or sprinting. Cornering is very predictable and stable on mountain descents. The geometry and fit is spot on. I’m 5’11” and ordered a large.

I built this bike last year during the pandemic lockdown. I am “old school”, so I built this bike with Ultegra mechanical shifting. I’m running 700X32 Continental GP5000TL tires on DT Swiss ER1400 wheels, Praxis carbon cranks (48/32 with 11-34 cassette), Whisky Parts (bars, stem, seatpost) and an Enve fork.

This bike is exactly what I was hoping for and more. It's my new favorite bike. My previous ride was a Litespeed with a Campy Record drivetrain. If you are looking for a fun and comfortable road bike that also handles well on gravel, I am highly recommending that you get an ARTi. I’m glad I did.

Paul Horenberger
Is this the future of road bikes?

I've had my ARTi built for about 2 weeks, and now have almost 150 miles on it. So far, all of my rides have been on the road and every time I finish a ride, I look forward to getting out for the next one. I don't feel like the bike is any slower than my previous road bike (Lynskey R265 Disc) on the climbs or the flats. My current fitness is not good enough to come to any conclusions on whether the bike is helping me be any faster or slowing me down than my previous bike. For reasons I'm not sure about, I've set several Strava PRs on some downhill segments that I've ridden for years. I have a couple of theories on this. With the same wheels that I used on my old bike, I'm now running tubeless 700x30 Specialized Turbo tires at around 4.56 bars (67 PSI) pressure rather than the 700x28 S-Works Turbo tires with tubes at around 5.4 bars (80 PSI) on the old bike. The new tire may have less rolling resistance. The other thought is that with the taller bar height, relative to the saddle, I'm able to decrease drag on the descents by riding the drops more than on my previous bikes.

Fit-wise, I'm 177cm (5'10") with a dodgy cervical spine that requires me to keep my bars around saddle height. This means that to get my bar height where I want, I went with a large frame with a short-ish 90mm stem with about 40mm of spacers and my stem set up as a riser stem. With a zero-offset seat post, the fit is spot-on for comfort and, from an efficiency standpoint, I don't feel like I'm fighting with the bike.

The bike is built with Ultegra Di2 components with a 24/22mm spindle Quarq power meter, a Whisky Parts All-Road fork, Lynskey Ti seatpost, and wheels built with Industry Nine hubs laced to Light Bicycle R25 rims with an 18mm internal width using DT Swiss Aerolite spokes. The internal routing for the brake line and Di2 wires was straightforward. The T47 BB makes routing the brake line through the BB much easier. (hint: route the hose under the BB if you're running a 24mm spindle. I also built it with the new Shimano auxiliary levers for the bar tops to help make it more dirt friendly by allowing me to ride with my hands on the bar tops while being able to brake. Weight is a little over 8.6 kg (19 pounds) with pedals.

I'm looking forward to putting my gravel wheels with fatter tires on it and exploring some of the local open spaces that have a lot of smooth trails, along with pedaling some of the less maintained roads that are not much fun to ride with the skinny tires.

The only thing I can think of that would be nice to have would be rack and fender mounts to allow me to commuting (when that day comes again) or light touring. Though the new Cyclosys has that covered.

With a second set of wheels to give you more comfort on rougher surfaces, I am looking forward to being able to take this bike out on almost any ride that is primarily "road" (paved or otherwise). I'm not sure I'd want to ride single track on it, like I do on the Cyclosys. But being able to have a bike where I can hang with others riders on dedicated road bikes, and still have the option to go explore is a great motivator to get out there and pedal more. If you're looking for something that will last a very long time, and want a modern, straightforward bike, I think the All Road is a great option.